Physical Therapists

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How can we, and how have we helped our Physical Therapy Clients:

Business and Revenue Cycle Analysis

We have found the opportunity to improve upon all aspects of the Revenue and Collections Cycle and create improved bottom line results.

Managed Care Contracting

We have gone directly to the managed care contracting entities, educated them, and positioned our groups in a more valuable manner than positioned previously, we have created improved managed care contracts, and an improved bottom line.

Administrator-Manager Selection

Physical Therapists are creative, well trained, hard working, and caring professionals. We have found they benefit significantly from having a strong, intelligent administrative counterpart as well. We have assisted physical Therapy Groups in the recruitment, hiring, and ongoing mentoring of high quality, cost effective, Administrators.

Customer Service Analysis and Improvements

We have conducted analysis of referral patterns over time and have also objectively sampled customer service experience from the perspective of employees, referring physicians, and the patient. The results have been effectively utilized to create behaviors and insight necessary to ensure; high quality patient experience, improved physician referrals, and improve key employee retention rates.

Nearly all of our many services can be applied to and utilized by the physical therapy practice and we encourage you to review our many services and Testimonials and References.

Development & Assistance
    • Negotiating with Architects, Builders, Key Contractors, and Hospital Partners to arrive at an environment and specific agreements that benefit your medical group. Learn More.

Strategic Planning
    • We help with creating custom Strategic Group Planning Sessions Leading to Actionable and Accountable Strategic Plans. Learn More

Technology Implementation
    • Scalable, cost effective Individualized Technology Implementations for all medical physicians. We work with your limited budget and obtain for you what you need. Learn More

Practice Management