Imaging Revenue is yours to benefit from or give away!

If you are not collecting money on the profitable imaging business you refer out every day, you are giving away large amounts of your potential income to others. Revenue from MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Injection Suite Revenue, and Radiology Revenue, should belong to you and your partners.

Imaging referrals represent every day, very strong ancillary revenue generated by your hard work and it belongs to you.

Is it time to stop giving your referrals away to others?

We understand Orthopaedic and Spine Medicine

Our organization was founded by a successful Orthopaedic CEO, who has implemented profitable imaging projects for a number of Orthopaedic practices. We are doing so at this moment in time, and we can do so for you and your partners. We understand Orthopaedic and Spine business and can show you the very significant ancillary income opportunity MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Injection Suite Imaging can provide for you.

Let us show you how Imaging can be profitable for you and your partners.

Would you like to know if you and your partners have enough imaging referrals to be profitable? We can analyze your referrals fairly quickly to determine if an imaging project is right for you! We can also put together the high quality business analysis and proforma you will need in working with lenders and partners.

Innovative Options for sharing an Imaging Project by separate medical practices

Recently we worked with two separate physician groups, to create a highly innovative, profitable and fully compliant MRI Block Leasing Program allowing two separate groups to share ownership in an MRI setting they all helped to support with daily referrals. The options for compliant ownership of MRI and other imaging services is greater than ever, let us show you the possibilities.

We provide Turn Key Imaging projects

You’re a busy orthopedic surgeon and do not have the time or expertise needed to make sure this project is developed well and delivered on time and on budget. We do it all and we do it very well! From concept to go live and beyond!

  • Full project business analysis and proforma.
  • Building and site selection.
  • Vendor selection and negotiations.
  • Management of Owner, Architect, Contractor meetings in the full site build out process.
  • Top tier selection of cost effective, clinically superior remote send and receive imaging interpretations.
  • Employee selections and management, policies and procedures.
  • Full Stewardship of ACR Accreditation (The Gold Standard)
  • Physicist testing.
  • Full insurance negotiations and contracting.
  • Analysis at selected intervals post installation and project “go live” to ensure top tier operations and profitability over the long term.

Call or e-mail us to see if an MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Injection Suite, or upgraded DR radiology project is right for you!

Healthcare Strategies and Solutions, LLC — (970) 946-9416

Imaging Project Testimonials

"Like all practices we are always looking for ancillary revenue opportunities. We are a medium size neurosurgical practice and have a strong relationship with a local neurology practice. While neither practice was of a size to make an imaging investment work, working together we felt that an MRI could cash flow. Mr. Veals set up a block leasing company where patients from each practice would have access to a state-of-the-art, large-bore MRI. Mr. Veals handled everything from the initial pro-forma, leasing company set-up, MRI installation and even the insurance contracting for one of the practices. As the medical landscape has changed so have our needs and because of the advanced capabilities we have found that our MRI facility is in broader demand than a block-lease arrangement will legally allow. We have again turned to Mr. Veals this time to set up an IDTF. We know of no other person that embodies all of the skills and experience needed for this project."
David VanSickle, MD, PhD
South Denver Neurosurgery
"Diversified Radiology has had the great pleasure of working with Stephen Veals of Healthcare Strategies on two separate projects. Stephen has a keen sense of what is needed to make things work. He clearly understands the complex dynamics of the modern radiology and healthcare environment, providing invaluable assistance to those wishing to expand or develop their practice. From start to finish he was intimately involved in the projects, serving as a reliable and effective liaison between health care providers, us, and the numerous vendors and entities on the business side of medicine. He anticipates problems before they occur and provides stabilizing leadership and guidance throughout the process. Stephen has the global perspective needed to make sure projects go smoothly and efficiently. We highly recommend his services and look forward to future collaborative endeavors."
Kelly Lindauer, MD
Musculoskeletal Radiologist
Diversified Radiology of Colorado, P. C.
"I knew from the first time I spoke with Stephen Veals that I had a friend and an ally in my quest to improve our busy four-person orthopedic practice. He responded to me with complete understanding of the issues I presented to him with an action plan that has carried us through the past two years with great success. In addition, to many other practice areas, with his assistance we have negotiated a beneficial Orthopedic Services Plan with our local hospital, have installed a state of the art Extremity MRI unit, have dealt with very challenging Human Resource and Operations issues, and our medical group is performing in a manner that is very significantly improved over its previous state of functioning prior to Stephen’s retention. In the process I have gained a friend and reliable consultant to help guide us through the coming years of ongoing need for healthcare strategies. Stephen has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to using his consulting skills to help guide us through the changing healthcare environment."
Andreas Sauerbrey, M.D.
Orthopaedics of Steamboat Springs
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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