Specialty Hospitals

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 Areas where we have provided our expertise have included;

Growth Strategies including Facility Revenue Reversals

A specific specialty hospital turnaround required strong market analysis, strong multiple referral source development strategies, strengthening of clinical delivery systems, and customer service and clinical service integrity strategies. We have multiple facility experience in creation and implementation of growth strategies that have brought sustained bottom line success to specialty facilities.

Joint Venture Strategies

We have worked with private hospitals and other business and governmental agencies to create very innovative strategies that have been of mutual benefit to both entities.

Joint Ventures

  • Hospitals and Physician Practices
  • Physician Practices and Physician Practices
  • Governmental Joint Ventures and Agreements

Community Based Joint Ventures

Very nearly all of our services and strategies can be utilized at one time or another with great results by Specialty Hospitals, and we believe our significant skills and commitment to individualization with each client enhance our ability to provide positive outcomes in our efforts on behalf of the client organization. We welcome the opportunity to hear of your needs and requirements and suggest how we might be of assistance.


Development & Assistance
    • Negotiating with Architects, Builders, Key Contractors, and Hospital Partners to arrive at an environment and specific agreements that benefit your medical group. Learn More.

Strategic Planning
    • We help with creating custom Strategic Group Planning Sessions Leading to Actionable and Accountable Strategic Plans. Learn More

Technology Implementation
    • Scalable, cost effective Individualized Technology Implementations for all medical physicians. We work with your limited budget and obtain for you what you need. Learn More

Practice Management