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We offer a Full Spectrum of Healthcare Consulting Services and Assistance to the:

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Originally Incorporated by our Principal and CEO Stephen A. Veals, on July 12, 2002 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and later transitioning to Durango Colorado, Healthcare Strategies and Solutions, LLC, as a physician and medical practice consulting entity, evolved from the very beginning to provide cost effective, proven, innovative, highly individualized and leading edge healthcare strategies and solutions. We provided first rate results our clients could count on and needed immediately.

Community Physicians and Clinicians viewed our success first hand, and began asking us to replicate in their respective medical groups, the success we experienced with physicians who were friends, leading to our formation. From 2002 to mid 2011, we took word of mouth referrals only, we were not on the web, we were not in the directories, and we were quietly and effectively working with our physician, clinician, and hospital friends who sought our help, providing excellent results.

Success in a constantly evolving, frequently demanding, and increasingly confusing healthcare business world has assisted in our growth and lead to our desire to help others who may need us and would not have previously known of us. Understanding from our many years of direct experience, coupled with an embrace of the world of change in healthcare, provides us with the skills, attitudes, knowledge and patience that allow us to intelligently listen, understand, analyze, and implement specific solutions for each individual client.

The role of Individualization in Client Services

In the projects we have taken on, while there may be a commonality of crisis, issues, and imperative, we have not once provided the same exact solution to two different clients. We know from our experiences no two clients groups are the same. When we listen to who you are and begin to understand what you may need to be successful, we formulate and discuss strategy with you that we believe from our understanding of your resources, time, employee and or physician experience base, will result in real success. We don’t start talking until we are done listening to you. And we will not recommend solutions we do not believe your organization can logically implement. We provide real solutions carefully constructed with respect to who you are, how you think and work, and what you really want and need. We work alongside you and your staff to assist you in creating real solutions, not create office and facility anxiety.

How to know if we can help you

This is the easy part. Read our Testimonials and References, they speak for us and say a great deal about whom we are, what we did for our clients, and how we transform very diverse client needs into real results. We are very proud of our client results and sincerely wish to be able to assist you as well.

We offer a comprehensive and very diverse list of Services. If you think about these services, you will realize that each of these services requires real experience and a number of possible strategies. These are all services we have direct experience in performing with success and in individual partnership with our clients. Chances are very good we can help you. If for some reason we cannot assist you, we will review our professional and industry resources as well our experience base, and if possible, make a recommendation of what other entity might be able to assist you.

We believe professionals want to buy, they don’t want to be sold…..When you question why your individual medical practice, group, or hospital may be in its current state, and want to know if it can be improved upon in whatever manner is important to you, or made a center of excellence in your community, service line, or region, simply fill out our contact us form or give us a call and we can discuss your needs. The initial consultation is always without expense to you the client. We work on smaller opportunities as well as larger opportunities. Your needs are important to you, and they are very important to us! It is easy to find out how we can help you.

If we are working on other projects and not immediately available, we will provide you with an estimate of when we will be available to assist you and your group. Often, we can assist you very soon.

We thank you for your interest and inquiry in Healthcare Strategies and Solutions, LLC

Very Sincerely,

 Stephen A. Veals

Development & Assistance
    • Negotiating with Architects, Builders, Key Contractors, and Hospital Partners to arrive at an environment and specific agreements that benefit your medical group. Learn More.

Strategic Planning
    • We help with creating custom Strategic Group Planning Sessions Leading to Actionable and Accountable Strategic Plans. Learn More

Technology Implementation
    • Scalable, cost effective Individualized Technology Implementations for all medical physicians. We work with your limited budget and obtain for you what you need. Learn More

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