Do you have a Medical Practice that you want to sell?

Do you have a medical or surgical practice that you want to sell? Or are you a new physician starting out and see the business advantages in buying a mature practice where a physician is either retiring and having to relocate?

Stephen Veals with Healthcare Strategies and Solutions has years of experience helping physicians sell their medical or surgical practice. This can include the following activities related to the sale of a medical or surgical practice:

  • Establishing a valuation of the medical practice based on various formulas
  • Marketing the medical practice in a confidential manner that does not alarm existing employees and referral sources
  • Negotiations with prospective buyers Preparing term documents for prospective buyers Assisting the buyer with any necessary financing applications
  • Preparing closing documents related to the sale of the medical or surgical practice and any associated real estate involved
  • Providing assistance to the new owner with retaining employees, referral sources and marketing the new physician owner in the local marketplace
  • Providing assistance with transition of billing and collections, and converting insurance coverages
  • Updating all marketing materials and web site to the new staff

Because the sale of a medical or surgical practice can be complex, it can take months or years to identify the right buyer at the desired price. Consequently, if you anticipate retiring over the next 5 years, contact us to start the process and learn the steps involved with a medical practice sale.

Similarly, if you are an employee leaving residency or fellowship and desire to be self employed and purchase an existing medical or surgical practice with an established revenue stream and referral base, you need to start early by contacting us with your preferred locations.

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