Full Advocacy and Assistance

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Governmental Relations and Advocacy

  • Advocacy, Proposal Presentations, and Appeals with Local and State Regulatory and Legislative Bodies and Elected Representatives
  • Advocacy with State Insurance Commissions and or Commissioners
  • Advocacy and Appeals with Various Departments within State Government
  • Advocacy and Appeals with all County Health Departments

Compliance Issues and Assistance

  • Development of OIG Corporate Compliance Plans
  • Development of HIPAA Corporate Compliance Plans
  • Medical Record Coding Audit Program Development.
  • Post Medical Record Audit Compliance Training for Physicians and Physician Assistants
  • OSHA and Radiological Compliance
  • CMS Compliance Standards and Changes
  • Stark Compliance
  • Safe Harbor Compliance
  • Compliance with Medicare and Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Statutes
  • Records Retention Policies
  • Investigation of Patient and Employee Allegations of all Types
  • EMTALA Allegation Investigation and Response
  • Avoiding Patient Abandonment Allegations

Clinical Assistance

  • Recruitment and Hiring of Clinical Coordinators/Managers
  • Customized Employment Position Descriptions; Medical Assistant, Radiology Technician, MRI Technicians, Clinic Nurse, Physician Assistants, Surgical Assistants, Temp Positions, and others
  • Development of Clinical Policy and Procedures
  • Purchasing Protocol and Policy and Procedures, including Vendor Negotiations
  • Compliance with Regulatory Agencies regarding Clinical Procedures and Protocol
  • Meeting Managed Care Clinical Care Requirements, Guidelines, and Audit’s
  • Development of Practice Specific PQRI Plans and Assisting with Implementation

Physician Assistance

  • ASC Design, Ownership, Regulatory Eligibility and Assistance
  • Evaluation of Physician Partnership Buy-Ins and Buy Outs
  • Fractional Aircraft Ownership and Leasing-Evaluation of Group and Individual Needs
  • Review of Agreements
  • New Physician Recruitment and Relocation Assistance
  • Creating and Supporting Physician Retention Programs
  • Communications and Cohesion Enhancement Strategies for Physicians in a Group Setting
  • Hospital and Health System Liaison and Negotiations
  • Pay for Call Negotiations between Health Systems and Physicians
  • Pay for Physician Recruitment Costs between Health Systems and Physicians
  • Navigation of Practice Issues of Ancillary Services Overlap and Competition with Hospitals
  • Hospital Ownership of the Medical Practice-In Your Best Interest or Not
  • Analysis and Design of Physician Compensation Strategies
  • Contract Physician Employment Contracts
  • Partner Physician Employment Contracts
  • Physician Overhead Insurance
  • Physician Disability Insurance
  • EMTLA Reviews
  • Providing Liability Audits and Remediation
  • Working with Websites Rating Physicians-Managed Care, Insurer, and Consumer
Development & Assistance
    • Negotiating with Architects, Builders, Key Contractors, and Hospital Partners to arrive at an environment and specific agreements that benefit your medical group. Learn More.

Strategic Planning
    • We help with creating custom Strategic Group Planning Sessions Leading to Actionable and Accountable Strategic Plans. Learn More

Technology Implementation
    • Scalable, cost effective Individualized Technology Implementations for all medical physicians. We work with your limited budget and obtain for you what you need. Learn More

Practice Management